About Us

The Honeycomb seeks to serve and witness to the community with practical love and justice so you are warmly welcome to come in and look around, chat to the helpers and make use of our garden room if you need to take a few minutes to sit and be at peace or to use our prayer request box.

"With God in the centre of life, and around 50 people connected to God and each other, all working in many different ways, the Honeycomb is a hive of activity!"

- Ruddingon Baptist Church

The Saved To Serve Trust Remit

Behind the Honeycomb there is a completely independent charity called The Saved to serve Trust. Our remit is to relieve poverty and meet need. This can take many forms and can be from as far a field as Peru, India and Romania where we have regular links, to national organisations and then to local concerns in Nottingham and Ruddington. Some of our giving is to well known charities, sometimes in response to a catastrophe e.g. Tear Fund but also to smaller organisations and individuals too.

Places we've helped

We also like to support practically where we can by passing on unsold clothes to other charities e.g. The Friary Homeless Shelter.

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